Live drawing digital painting with limited colour palette. 2 and a half hours.
Yeah i went and took my cintiq to uni XD I need more good digital stuff in my portfolio.

Digital Self Portrait 13.10.14
Done as part of my Uni work <3 I actually kind of like this one. Maybe i’ll colour it.

EDIT: very quick multiply layer over everything = colour, yaaayyy! though i like the black and white one better

So inktober is still a thing right? have this wierd self portrait doodad because I&#8217;m a bored and lonely person right now.

So inktober is still a thing right? have this wierd self portrait doodad because I’m a bored and lonely person right now.

So glad to see I caught your attention

Soon you shall see that I am m̻͎̰̟͂͋ͯͅo͕͙̼̹͍̔̒ͤ̔r̳ͭ̆̊ẻ̴ͣ̔ ̼̖͉͛̔̍ͤͧp͎̆̉ͬoͧ͐ͯ̔̓w̤͈͆ͣͩͪėͮͤ̂̒͏̱̠̻r̼̟̳̞̻̽͆ͭ͌̆f̀͏̮̝̪͚̟̼̭u̼̫l̝̠̿ than them all

and I will take you for m͑͐҉̖y̞̮͚ͫ̿͆ͥ̒s͕̠͚ȩ̹́̋̂̋l͙̗̖̬ͯ̋̍͋̄ͥ̎f̛̙͑̑”

About time I up and drew Dark!Riley. this was actually really fun though! He turned out pretty well! <3

An art trade I did with taffyvibritannia ! Gosh she has the most detailed complicated oc ever XD jellyfish queen!

Have a sleepy sleepy sup guy x3
Repeated pattern for Cry’s PJ pants idea. 4 colours + base colour. If willing to stretch to 5 colours pattern works best with yellow stars.

7500x7500px res, watermark needed cause gotta protect mah shiz yo.
PNG available, if chosen please email me at and i’ll send over the full res watermark-less PNG.

Ideal base colour is a light grey but this can also work well with a dark blue, dark purple etc.
here’s fingers crossed!

"So…you think you can beat me in a race?”

Been workin on this for a few days now and somehow i still think i like the sketch better :/ oh well. This is my HTTYD OC, Runa in his racing paint.

Yo! So you know the Giveaway I had a couple months back? jayalaw was the lucky winner and notified me today that little toothless flew over the Atlantic and is safe and well. Thanks to all who entered and stuck around for the journey! Certainly isn’t the last give away I’ll do on here.

A run cycle i made up yesterday being sick on holiday *sniffles and cries*. Whenever i take a moment to relax i get sick ;a; normal people take their cintiq on holiday though….right? This is…..well his name is still a work in progress but for now he’s Orion.

My girl Cadence making a small comeback with idea I came up with this morning. I’m sure her story can apply to many of us, when nothing else is left in life you can always turn to your favourite fictional characters to make you feel less alone.

Watch the SpeedPaint here!