Birthday gift for ForgottenFr0st of her new OC, Brandon :3

*happy squealing noises*

For TheDustyLeaves’ contest. Yay Centaurs! not sure the full res is working….so dusty, if you want the full thing just say!

For those interested this is also a work-in-progress showing of how I go about creating a piece of art :)

Riley baby <3 for my other shirt. i need to draw this boy more


thought i might as well reblog here if any of you are interested.



Just moved to California and I’m still looking for a job. If you can’t afford/ are not interested in commissioning me, please signal boost.

I will only be taking 4 commission slots at a time and will announce every time I re-open them. NO COLOR commissions this time, sorry!

I will draw your OC’s and fanart but please keep in mind I withhold the right to turn down your request if I’m not comfortable drawing it.

Thank you!


cant commission today :3 but hey! if you have some spare coinage then go for it




To celebrate the release of HTTYD 2 I have complied a giveaway of the ever so sought after Toothless Build-A-Bear Plush and an A4 Custom Sketchpad! Toothless comes with his own Certificate which you can put your name on!


To Enter:

Reblog this post! Likes don’t count but feel free to reblog as many times as you like. Please don’t however spam your followers.

This is also for followers only so be sure to click that little button~ I ask that you please don’t unfollow afterwards though ;^; that’s just rude and makes me think i haven’t given little Toothless here a deserving home…

This is coming from the UK so shipping to places like america is going to cost quite a bit, Because Toothless is just so big I ask that the winner please pay shipping, maybe I’ll send you some small goodies too <33 UK chocolate is the best omg

Winner will be chosen by a random draw and the contest ends on 31st July Midnight GMT! so GO GO GO! (/・ω・)/ Make sure your ask box is open! if the winner does not reply within 3 days I will redraw! GOOD LUUUUUCK!! <3

Another little reminder~ Got till the end of the month to reblog this!



Another lil design here testing out a more cell-shaded look! again for a shirt design for myself :3 The DreamWorks boys~

Are you selling these because I’ll buy one shirt because seriously that is beautiful.

I’ve been considering it but I’m scared to death of being sued by the people i want to end up working for ^^; maybe I’m too under the radar for it to matter….but I’m really not sure if it’s something I’d regret.